4 Expert Strategies for Better Dinners at Home with Kids

Feeding kids. Cue the collective exasperated mom sigh. You slave over dinner only to put it on the table in front of them and get met with blank stares, as best, or protests, turned up noses, and refusals, at worst.

In this week's episode of The Seamless Kitchen Show, I've rounded up my favorite tips around feeding kids and, let me tell ya, this stuff WORKS. Your dinner table might still look like this:

... but hey, what's life with kids if not a little crazy? Scroll down to listen below!

There's a one-page cheat sheet I made for you as well, to hang on your refrigerator for quick reference at night. This is a great way to share what you've learned with your husband (so you can be a united front!) and remember the strategies from this episode. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT NOW

In this episode, we'll cover

  • What you might actually be teaching your kids by forcing them to eat exactly what you serve (hint: it's not great)

  • How changing your approach is the key to creating peace at dinnertime, a long-term appreciation for a shared meal, and a healthy relationship with food for your kids.

  • Taking the pressure off of parents when it comes to what their kids eat

  • Simple language and mindset shifts you can use now, to make serving and eating with your kids less stressful

  • How you can cook what YOU like and stop making multiple meals to please everyone in the house - without arguing or battles

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