Episode #04: A Raw Look at a Week in the Life of a Meal Planning Coach

In this episode, I'm giving you a real-life, behind-the-scenes look into my daily process of creating meals for my family, and I'm not leaving anything out. As you can probably imagine, not everything always goes according to plan and even I have to toss my best advice out the window sometimes.

In meal planning, there are weeks that run so smoothly, you feel like your kitchen is on autopilot. Other weeks are full of trial and error. But the good news, as I hope you'll learn from this episode, is that no matter if you're coasting with ease or having to course-correct several times throughout the week, what you're left with at the end is still a lot of positive:

- A week of mostly great, healthy food

- Lots of takeaways and lessons learned that you can apply to the next week

- And a budget and dinnertime schedule that's STILL worlds better than it would be if you didn't plan at all.

I took the ups and down's in stride (mostly) this week, and shared with you not only my plan, but the thought process I went through in each and every hiccup along the way.

Listen here:

Snapshots from my week:

First, my inventory list. This is the list I made of what I already had in my kitchen. I always start here before I ever even begin to think about what to cook for the week.

Then, I brainstorm meal ideas using that inventory list from the last step. Here, you can see that as I go through the brainstorming process, I'm also finding ways to get more than one use out of new ingredients needed for each recipe I add.

Finally, on to the grocery list.

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Peaky Blinders (The Netflix show I'm obsessed with)

The book that talks about how gluten affects mood

• Seamless Meal Planner

• Torn egg salad on a salad (similar egg salad here, which I made using store-bought mayo)

• Tacos de Papa (we made ours vegan)

• Chickpea Pesto Pasta (Chickpea Po Pesta)

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