Episode #05: Getting Started with Plant Based Eating

This episode of the Seamless Kitchen Show is all about starting out with a more plant-based lifestyle. Whether you've been wondering where to start with lessening your intake of animal products, or you're just looking for tips on cooking for a vegan friend, I've got you covered. I'm breaking down my own family's plant-based journey and the tips we've learned along the way that made the switch easy -- not intimidating or overwhelming.

I've also created a cheat sheet for you, with accessible, plant-based alternatives to traditional cooking staples so you can slowly make the switch. This quick reference guide will help you know what, exactly, you can use in place of common animal products found in your favorite recipes. Grab the download below!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • I interview the friend responsible for my going dairy-free. Hear how she handles raising vegan kids, the one thing she would want her non-vegan friend to know about cooking for her family at a dinner party, and so much more.

  • Hear from my hubby, Ryan, on what it's like for a meat-and-potatoes raised guy who loves cheese to go plant-based.

  • Get practical tips for adding more vegan meals into your rotation I'll show you how easy it is to turn any recipe vegan, and share my best piece of advice about introducing plant-based meals to your family.

  • Afraid plant-based eating is too expensive? With all those fancy, obscure (and often weird) vegan versions of foods, how can a family on a budget make it work? I've got you covered.

Listen here:

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so you can make little-by-little changes and baby-step it toward more plant-based cooking!

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