Episode #06 | How to Find the Right Recipe

Have you ever sat down to meal plan and thought, "where do I even begin?" Or have you gone cross-eyed over the endless recipe options on Pinterest? With the world at our fingertips, how is a girl to choose?

Today, I’ve got a quick episode packed FULL of tips to help you get over decision fatigue and choose the RIGHT recipes for the week. This is a comprehensive list of strategies that will help you find the perfect recipe for your exact situation, your budget, and your week.

In this episode, you'll learn

  • The one simple step you're probably skipping, that eliminates decision fatigue from the get-go

  • Six ways to source a recipe, and then narrow the options to find the perfect fit

  • How to handle diet changes, special circumstances, and even food allergies without the overwhelm

  • A little-known cookbook trick you've gotta try!

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