Episode #07 | 3 Creative Ways to End Food Waste at Home

Food waste is something so many households struggle with. Those wilting greens in the fridge. Those slimy cucumbers that sat a couple days too long, concealed in the "crisper" drawer. The leftovers from last night that you can't bring yourself to nuke and eat again for lunch today.

In Episode 7 of The Seamless Kitchen Show, we're tackling household food waste in three creative ways you may have never heard of!

I’ve also created a cheat sheet, called The Never-buy List, which is a list of foods you will never have to buy again if you start thinking creatively about the scraps you typically throw away. Grab it for free below, and the benefits are three-fold: you can save money by not purchasing what’s on the list, swap those items for healthier, homemade versions, and waste less food!

In this episode, you'll learn

  • The foods you're throwing away every time you cook, and how you could be using them to create new meals -- like a restaurant chef!

  • Three ways to think creatively about what you already have

  • A GENIUS Alexa skill that's helping families learn how to treat their fresh foods, so they don't get thrown out.

  • The secret to preventing food waste as soon as you get home from the grocery store

  • Creative and actionable ideas you can use now to transform your leftovers and save $100 this month on groceries!

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