Episode 09 | Busting the 3 Meal Planning Myths that are Killing Your Momentum

Hey friend and welcome to the new decade! Wow, that's crazy.

So, it's January, and that means a lot of us are making New Years' resolutions. Maybe you've decided 2020 is the year you're going to get your budget in check. Or get healthier. Or try to start using a planner, consistently.

If you're like me, the planner thing will work for a week and then fall by the wayside come January 12 (which happens to be the day MOST New Year's resolutions fail).

Or maybe 2020 is the year you're going to start meal planning!

The cool thing is that meal planning will actually help your budget, and will help you get healthier, ANNND will help you keep your schedule on track, too!

But I'm not going to let you start meal planning in January 2020 and then quit by the 12th. No way.

So what's going to make it different this time around? What's going to help make meal planning stick, consistently, throughout the entire year and beyond?

I'll tell you! In this week's episode of the Seamless Kitchen Show.

I'm going to teach you why the common "rules" of meal planning are totally bogus, and how breaking them is The Key to lasting success.

This is a major meal planning myth-busting episode, so you don't want to miss it.

We'll cover:

  • The three biggest momentum-killing myths that dominate the meal planning space, and trick us into thinking meal planning just doesn't work for us.

  • What the ACTUAL reason is, for why meal planning is hard to stick to, and how to overcome it

  • The major, confidence boosting mindset shifts you can make right away, to start thinking differently about what you cook for your family

This is your year to finally make meal planning a lasting habit (that doesn't feel like a commitment you made in January and dread by February). One that radically transforms your life. One that feels so you. Are you ready? Listen below.

If you love what you heard in the episode and want to dive in even more, grab your free copy of The Ultimate Rule Breaker's Guide to Meal Planning.

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