Episode #1: When you're too overwhelmed to start

I am so excited to be changing up the way I deliver the tips and strategies that I LOVE to share with you guys in the new Seamless Kitchen Show. I've been feeling for a while now that I just really needed to liven up the way I share what I have to teach, and I could talk about this meal planning stuff All. Day. Long. So, it's fun to just be able to be myself on video for you guys and really just speak from the heart.

About this show

As you may already know, I've been teaching meal planning and kitchen strategy to busy moms for a couple of years now. What I've found along the way is that a lot of the mentality behind getting meal planning done carries over into other parts of our lives, as well. So in each episode, I aim to not only give you tools you can walk away with, to make feeding your family less overwhelming, but I hope to also speak straight to your Mama heart with encouragement that applies to life beyond the kitchen.

So, yes, this is a kitchen show, primarily focused on cooking, meal planning, executing meals, and everything that surrounds those things. And because I know that can be a hard enough task aside from the daily demands of motherhood, it's also a show created for women out there who need life spoken over them.

In this very special first episode, I'm going to start at the very beginning, and as Julie Andrews would say, "it's a very good place to start" because sometimes just staring down a new routine, practice, or mindset can be overwhelmingly defeating. We're going to get past that hurdle so you can feel confident to start where you are, with what you already have. That's the heart behind everything I teach, so it feels like the perfect topic to begin with.

Prefer to listen? Here's the podcast version!

In this episode, we'll cover:

  • The sneaky excuse that's holding you back from getting started, not only with meal planning, but maybe with other great-for-you stuff you've been putting off.

  • The underlying message we're constantly exposed to, that causes the sneaky excuse I'm talking about.

  • The piece of advice I heard recently that has ROCKED. MY. PERFECTIONIST'S. WORLD. 

  • The most practical first step everyone can take to get over the meal planning threshold.

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Take it further

If you loved this week's episode and you want to dive in even more, grab my Taking Inventory Cheat Sheet with some of my favorite tips about how I actually take inventory at the start of each week. It’s even go a blank inventory list for you to use, so you can start with what you have, and create a plan from there. Click below to get the cheat sheet!