Episode 11 | Quick, Healthy, Cheap: The Food Trifecta and How to Meal Plan Your Way there

In this episode of The Seamless Kitchen Show, we’re talking about that elusive perfect meal. The one that’s not only quick, but also healthy and cheap.

For many of us, the ONLY way for it to ever be possible to cook dinner, is if what we’re cooking achieves this recipe holy grail but… is it even possible? Do these meals even exist? And if so, how do we get the creative juices flowing so those ideas come to us easily and often?

I've got some strategies to share with you, and a fun, helpful conversation with my friend, Kara (I call her "idea lady") to get you on track to making Quick + Healthy + Cheap meals on the reg.

You will learn:

  • What to look for in store-bought time savers. I'll help you understand which shortcut foods are "worth it", and which ones aren't.

  • How a little planning ahead can stretch one time-saving food into multiple meals to save money on convenience purchases.

  • How to create "meal templates" from your family's favorite dinners so you can mindlessly make dinner without the monotony of eating the exact same thing over and over.

Listen here:

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