Episode 16 | 3 Fears Holding You Back From Becoming an Adventurous Cook

Maybe you've been cooking for a long time but you fall back on the same, safe recipes, you've been making for years. Or maybe you're new at this and you are afraid to try out new flavor profiles of more "adventurous recipes".

Wanting to branch out and start cooking more new recipes is bound to happen as you start cooking more often.

Whether it's out of boredom or a simple desier to learn to become a better cook, it's something I hear all the time... that the women I work with want to get more adventurous in the kitchen.

The truth is, A LOT can be learned from trying new dishes! In fact, that's what I attribute the majority of my own cooking skill to... simply trying a buuuuunch of different things. Knowing there's a possibility it won't turn out right, and going for it anyway.

That's how you go from being a home cook who can tackle a solid rotation of 5 meals... to a fearless and skillful cook who can effortlessly put together a weeknight meal, even without a recipe. Good ol' fashioned trial and error.

But the risk involved can be crippling. So we stop ourselves before we ever get to the risky part, which is also the learning part. Then, we don't learn or grow as cooks, and the cycle of eating the same boring meals continues.

That's why in this episode of The Seamless Kitchen Show, we’re going to get really clear on practical steps you can take to overcome the 3 most common fears that get in the way of cooking new dishes, so that you can get past what's holding you back, and start becoming a more adventurous, and thus, a better, cook.

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If you are ready to dive in further, I've got a getting started guide for you that's going to help you get started with meal planning by taking inventory, the key I mentioned in this episode, to unlocking "what to eat".

It's called How to Write the Shortest Grocery List Ever. Check it out here!