How to Balance Meal Planning and Stocking Up During COVID-19

Shopping looks a little different right now. At the time of this episode, we're all under #stayhome orders, and stocking up for a couple of weeks at a time is the best way to do that (and "slow the spread".)

But how do you tackle that, exactly?

If you're used to shopping multiple times a week, this is extra difficult. But even for those of us who shop once a week, stretching your grocery trip to cover more than that is a TASK.

When it comes to the MEALS part, as in... dinner... I've got a strategy. It's part meal planning, part winging it (but, like, controlled winging it). Because thinking of what to cook for dinner two weeks from now is just overwhelming.

I outline the exact step-by-step process in this week's episode of The Seamless Kitchen Show.

Listen here:

Mentioned in the episode:

1. The "what to keep on hand" document inside my free Facebook group, The Seamless Kitchen Community.

2. The Foundational Dinners guide I created with basic recipe backbones that you can build on and modify based on what you have in your kitchen

3. The Quarantine Cooking How-to training for coming up with meals that use what's on hand.

This episode of the Seamless Kitchen Show is brought to you by a brand new FREE resource I created just for you, called How to Avoid the Store and Still Eat Amazing Food!

If you're wondering how the heck to make sense of the food left in your house from your last trip to the store (a week and a half ago), this is the exact step-by-step process you need to follow, to turn what's on hand into a meal. Even if you think the assortment of random ingredients you have is too weird to make a meal out of... give this a try. I promise, you'll find an idea for how to use it to cook something delicious.

Grab the 7 minute training video and PDF template guide RIGHT HERE.