Meal Planning as Self Care, Even (and Especially) Amidst Crisis

How are you holding up?

I hope this weekend has been a good chance to re-set and re-calibrate.

I hope that this week, you've been able to eat at least a couple of meals around your dining table-turned homeschool classroom. 

And most of all, I hope you're able to still find small moments in the day for joy.

You may have heard that this past week in the Seamless Kitchen Community (my free Facebook group), I hosted a 5-day Whole Wellness Challenge.

I was lovely, first of all! You can still join to watch all the replays.


But what I loved about it the most was the commitment by women just like you... and thus the commitment on my part, and on the part of my colleagues who also taught inside the group... to dedicate time, every day, to themselves -- just by showing up.

There's so much going on, it'd be easy to think of taking time for self care as totally selfish and low-priority.

But here's the deal:

It's okay to be selfish. #unpopularopinion

There. I said it.

In fact, you HAVE TO be selfish, if you ever want to show up for anyone else.

Don't blame me for this... it comes straight from Brooke Castillo, CEO of The Life Coach School. (Check out her podcast some time! It's amazing.)

She says we think of selfishness as such a negative thing, but when you look at the definition, "putting your needs and desires before other people's" really, that's the only way to contribute to the world in any kind of way.

Think about it: How are you going to give or contribute when you don't have a well to draw from?

That's exactly why, even at a time like this, self care is so important. 

That's why I spent the past week talking to other women about spending time and energy on their beauty routine, their nutrition, their finances, and, yes, even on meal planning.

Meal planning is also self care. 

In fact, I recorded an entire podcast episode about that for you. In the episode, I share...

  • A revelation I JUST had in the middle of pretty down week, because of this whole COVID-19 situation

  • How you're actually giving your future self a gift by spending (even just a little) time on meal planning

  • Why it's important, especially now, to be meal planning

  • The best first step to take if you're just getting started (it takes 5 minutes)

  • And an invitation to a brand new workshop/cooking class I'm hosting this month.

Give this bonus episode of The Seamless Kitchen Show a listen below, and above all else remember:

However you're handling this whole thing going on in our world right now, you're doing great. You are enough. 

Have a blessed weekend! Stay safe and healthy. Stay home. I'll catch up with you soon! Allie

Listen here:

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