Meal Planning Myths | “I'm not organized enough”

Do you struggle with beginning to meal plan because you aren't "organized enough"? Here are three reasons why you shouldn't let that mindset hold you back from getting started!

One of the most common comments I hear from people who don't meal plan (and don't want to start) is, "That would be nice, but I'm definitely not organized enough."

When I hear that line, what I automatically think is something inside of this person is telling them they can't do hard things. I hate it because I know where that comes from. It's shame.

"Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change." –Brené Brown

Many of us (women, especially) are inundated with Pinterest perfect pictures of gorgeously organized, matching containers of enough prepped meals to last a month, bonus points if they're Paleo, Whole30, Keto, etc.

I NEVER want anything I produce to play any part in the shame game. Seamless Meal Planning is all about remembering that YOU ARE ENOUGH! So I'm here today with a few thoughts that will help break through that mental block if you're feeling like you aren't organized enough to start meal planning.

1. Meal Planning helps your life BECOME more organized

Being 100% honest here: I am the least organized person you'll ever meet.

Seriously! It's just never been a strength of mine. But because I know how many other parts of my life our meal plan (or lack thereof) affects, I'm committed to at least having that part of my life organized. So, if I can meal plan, being the most procrastinating, scattered person on earth, you certainly can, too.

2. Think about what you have to gain, rather than what you "aren't".

When I meal plan, I make one really good grocery list, which means I only make one trip to the grocery store per week. That saves me so much time and stress on weekdays that are already crazy.

When I meal plan, I schedule our meals (mostly just dinners) around our activities. That makes mealtime way less chaotic, especially on nights when my kids have practice or we have meetings. Eating is a huge part of everyone's life. It shouldn't add stress to the busiest days, but instead you should be relieved on those days knowing you have a healthful meal ready to go that's not going to send you into a tailspin to get on the table.

Think about all the positive effects meal planning will have in other parts of your day. Don't allow the mental block of "I'm not [fill in the blank] enough" keep you from enjoying all of those benefits from starting! Again, you are enough!

3. Seamless Meal Planning is NOT about perfection

This is a big one when it comes to shame. Those perfectly prepped, Pinterest-worthy containers of matching food are not the goal here. I don't think it's realistic or sustainable to do that for a family of four (speaking personally) every single night without fail or flexibility.

Even as the creator of Seamless Meal Planning, I get off track every once in a while and IT'S OKAY! Because I've meal planned, it's much easier for me to adjust or pivot if things go awry. It's not about perfection. It's about better – for your family, for your body, and for your wallet.

I leave you with these final words: