Packing Lunches for School? You Need These Three New Products

Annnnnd they're off! Most of them, that is. Here in Evansville, school has started, and it will be soon for those of you in other parts of the country. And by now, most of us have all the pencils, crayons, notebooks, snack boxes ("WTF is a snack box!?" was my literal exclamation in the middle of Target) and other supplies bought. And can I just pause to say... damn that was expensive.

First timer over here.

But also, how on earth do teachers do it? I know so many who STILL have to purchase supplies for their classrooms after all this. Julep has 36 kids in hers this year. IN KINDERGARTEN. Teachers are saints.


While I was doing my zig zag around Target to check everything off Julep's list, I found my way to the food packaging aisle (cause I'm a prepared mom and stuff) and found some dope new environmentally friendly, and also just practical, lunch box supplies that we've been using successfully now for a few weeks -- successfully as in there have been no leaks and nothing reusable has been thrown away -- so I thought I'd share them with you!

1. LunchSkins Sealable Paper Sandwich Bags

Sealable is the key word here. I've bought the If You Care brand of paper sandwich bags before and they're fine but I had to use tape to keep them closed, which is annoying. So I love that these have a little sticky strip that seal the bag. HUGE step up from single use plastic sandwich baggies. I also love that you can fold these down to be pretty much any size, so there's really no need for sandwich bags AND snack bags.

These cute little bags also come in a hearts pattern!

2. (Re)zip Reusable Leakproof Zip Bags

I'm about to order more of these, that's how much I love them. Julep has been left with one measly bag out of the two packs I purchased for her lunches because they've been so great for leftovers in the fridge and frozen fruits and veggies in the freezer.

They truly are leakproof and they're about 1/3 the price of the Stasher brand bags, at about $4 each (for the big ones.) Totally worth the $4 for something that'll last, is dishwasher safe, and isn't a plastic baggy.

The variety pack is definitely the best deal, but you could also do what I did and start with two big bags and two small bags to see if you like them.

3. Fit & Fresh Ice Packs

Not an environmentally friendly upgrade, per se, but still important. I love that these are thin enough to just slide in between a sandwich and whatever else is in the lunch box. They're not bulky or heavy at all and one is plenty for a day, so if you forget to put it back in the freezer after school, no worries because these come in a pack of three, making them less than $1 each.

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