Quick Breakfast Ideas for Back-to-school

With kids heading back to school soon, now is the time to get organized ahead of the madness that's about to start. (I say that but I've never done real school before so I'm sure I'm in for an enlightenment. All you seasoned moms out there are like "you have no idea".)

One thing I do know about, though, is breakfast. It's my favorite meal of the day, just go check Instagram -- I have a whole highlight reel. But I digress.

I, for one, am unwilling to eat a crappy breakfast and I'm not about to let that be how my family starts every day before school. I also refuse to wait until my kids go to school to eat breakfast on my own. Hangry mommy is NOT fun.

So, I came up with a few ideas for making breakfast quick, possible for all of us to eat at once (not all sitting down... just at one time), and also not boring or bland. Sounds like a tall order, but I've got it covered.

Here are my strategies for making a healthy breakfast happen, Even if you only have 5 minutes. Because let's be real... I know you have a lot of other things to do first thing in the morning besides breakfast.

1. Overnight oats

My kids beg me to make overnight oats. They're such a great treat on SUPER busy mornings -- the biggest hurdle is thinking ahead enough to make them the night before. If you can get into the habit, however, of doing most of the school day prep the night before, from what I understand, the whole morning runs much more smoothly. We'll definitely be trying to form that habit in our house. I don't expect it to happen perfectly every day but hopefully we'll end up with more mornings at a less-than-frantic pace than not.

Here's how I make overnight oats:

In a mason jar, mix 1/2 C rolled oats with 1/2 cup almond milk, a little honey, and a tablespoon of chia seeds (optional, but they're more filling this way). Refrigerate overnight, and in the morning, top the oats with a spoonful of peanut butter, a sliced banana, blueberries, whatever you want!

I love this recipe because you can use rolled oats which are less processed than the quick cook version. You can also top them with so many extras to your liking, so that you don't have to worry about still feeling hungry.

2. Quick countertop egg maker

I'm not a super gadget-y person. I don't have a food processor or an instant pot. There are lots of things I choose to live without in the kitchen. But this countertop egg maker is one impulse gadget purchase I'm glad I made.

I use this all the time to make myself or the kids a quick breakfast. I also use it at lunch and dinnertime as well, to cook soft boiled eggs for meals.

I put two eggs in the egg maker and poach them while I'm toasting some bread, then I'll walk away and do my makeup and when the egg timer goes off, my makeup is done and my breakfast is ready.

One way I love to eat these is to top my toast with some spinach, the eggs, avocado if I'm feeling fancy, and salsa. It's not all about the kids! While they're having their quick breakfast, you can rest assured that there's something healthy and quick for you, too.

3. Smoothies

Follow this simple formula: Frozen Berries + spinach + coconut water/almond milk + honey/dates + nut butter. The proportions can pretty much be eyeballed. Seriously!

Pediatricians say the most important foods for kids are healthy fats, antioxidants, and greens, so they're getting all three in this smoothie and it just tastes like a sweet treat.

I will say that smoothies are usually not filling enough for my kids, so I always serve them alongside an egg (or two) or a healthy frozen waffle, like the Vans brand (or both depending on how hungry they're acting.)

So there you have it! Three easy and quick options for breakfast on weekday mornings that won't make you late for school. There is a lot of room for variation in each of these recipes, so I hope you'll take these ideas and make them your own by incorporating whatever toppings your family loves!

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