Savory Oat Bowls - the Ultimate Hygge Food

It's time to just let Hygge happen. Hygge, the Danish word for all things cozy and inviting, is everywhere right now am I'm here for it. But, did you know, Hygge doesn't have to be limited to candles and cozy blankets? Hygge refers to coziness in lots of areas of life – from what you wear to how you spend time in the winter, and even what you eat.

Last winter, I discovered the magic of savory oat bowls and now I can't think of a heartier, more stick-to-your-ribs, hygge breakfast than this. Yes, by savory oat bowls, I mean oatmeal... sans the sugar.

Now, before you knock it, hear me out.

Oats are just a grain, the same way barley and quinoa are grains. The difference is that we're just used to eating oats sweetened.

You can make oats savory, by adding olive oil and salt, just like you can make them sweet by adding brown sugar.

The consistency reminds me of polenta or risotto. They're starchier and creamier than quinoa or barley, which lends well to topping them with a fried egg, or adding cheese, or mixing in some tabasco. Or all of the above!

Start with simple oats, seasoned with salt and pepper. Then, it's all about the toppings. This is the PERFECT end-of-the week breakfast (or lunch) for using up leftover veggies in the fridge, making savory oat bowls #soseamless.

Here are 5 Savory Oat Bowls to inspire you. Then, scroll down for a list below of kitchen inventory items you may have on-hand, that would make excellent toppings.

Use these ideas as jumping-off points for your own creative combination.

1. Savory Oatmeal with Cheddar, Collards & Eggs

Collards are used here, but any green would work. For breakfast, I'd reserve this recipe for when you have leftover greens already cooked in the fridge to save time.

2. Savory Steel-cut Oatmeal with Arugula

Or leave the greens raw, like in this recipe! Toss arugula with a simple, acidic dressing to cut through the creaminess.

Kate suggests nutritional yeast and toasted nuts as toppings, and I'm 100% behind that.

3. Green Pesto Breakfast Bowls

Garlicky greens, pesto, avocado and everything bagel seasoning steal the show in this gorgeous and healthy bowl.

4. Steel Cut Oats with Poached Eggs, Leeks, and Feta

If this recipe doesn't show you that you could literally clean out the frudge and throw it on top of an oat bowl, I don't know what will.

5. Sweet Potato and Cranberry Oats

I know this one isn't exactly savory but I had to add it here because it's such a great one! Think about the Thanksgiving leftover possibilities!

More topping suggestions to get your wheels turning:


Chili oil

Truffle oil

Hot sauce




Any leftover roasted vegetable


Flax, chia, or hemp seeds