Video: Seamless Meal Planning 101, CliffNotes Version

Here are the 5 steps to creating a Seamless Meal Plan, summed up in 4 minutes.

Allie Peach is helping you “Get It Together” this week with a meal planning 101 lesson.

Allie has 5 steps for seamless meal planning.

Her first step is to take inventory. Allie says, “Taking inventory means seeing an almost-empty fridge as the beginning of a grocery list. This saves money, reduces waste, and relieves stress.”

Allie’s second step is to brainstorm. She says, “This is how to visualize ways to use up your inventory and stretch new ingredients into multiple meals.” She also suggests using Pinterest as a recipe search engine.

Shopping is the next step. Allie says, “The goal is to shop once for an entire week to save time and money. Don’t be afraid to be the person at the store with pen and paper crossing things off! Color code your grocery list if you go to multiple stores.”

Allie’s fourth step is to plan. She says, “Use your google calendar, planner, or whatever scheduling app you use to dictate to you which planned meals should be assigned to which days. I only plan dinners, so I copy evening activities into my meal planner, and choose which recipe to make each night from there, depending on how much time I have.”

Her last step is to prep. Allie says, “Prep ingredients, not meals. If you prep ahead, you can assemble dinner in 10 minutes every night!”