“No longer do I have the menu planner on the fridge, the grocery list at my desk, the family calendar in the daily planner, and a list of the kids' favorite meals in the cookbook... now it's all in one place.  That makes grocery shopping a breeze because I have my list right there and am able to quickly reference back to things as needed.”  

Carrie McDonnell, Paiges of Gray





What's in Season

What's in Season

Go-to Meals

Go-to Meals





Grocery List

Grocery List



meal plan

meal plan

Seamless Meal Planner keeps everything in one place for a neat and organized meal plan that's easier to stick with. The weekly prompts are simple to follow and help you use up what's on hand first, so you can save money and throw less food away. Keep three months of meal plans tidy in the spiral notebook featuring Allie's own beautiful illustrations.



• 3 Months of undated, weekly meal plan prompts

• Kitchen conversion and substitutions quick reference section

• EWG Pesticides in produce guide

• Seasonal produce guide

• Go-to family favorites keeper



• Inventory list so you can start your meal plan with what's on hand

• Meal brainstorming session page so you can use up what you already have

• Weekly meal plan with spaces for meal prep reminders and recipe location
• Front-and-back grocery list makes it easy to take to the store

• Lined notes pages



• A5 spiral bound planner with plastic coil

• 8.3" H X 5.8" W
• 150 pages

• Printed on 60# white uncoated paper

What you make it seamless.jpeg

“This is such a great way to meal plan. Instead of countless sticky notes (like I used to use), you can keep all of your scattered meal thoughts in one easy place. It helps you learn what meals work well for your family, how you can better incorporate ingredients from one dish to another, and cut down on waste and extra spending.”


“I used the meal planner for the first time today 😀

I worked with what we have on hand (from too many shopping trips the last few weeks) and I’m proud to say all I need to grab this week is 2 limes! I had lots of stuff that needed to be used up and that will happen this week! Thanks Allie, I’m excited!”



“This thing has become an essential part of my week! I also love that I'll be able to look back at them
for inspiration later.”



The hardest part about meal planning, for me, was knowing where to begin. It was when I learned to start with what I already had on-hand that providing healthful, whole food meals for my family on a daily basis became not only possible, but affordable and sustainable.


I had never heard anyone talk about meal planning this way, and certainly had never seen a paper meal planner that allowed space to create a meal plan beginning with their kitchen inventory. I knew I would have to design it, myself, so I did!


Seamless Meal Planner is a progressive template that walks you through creating a meal plan by giving you space to take inventory, brainstorm new meals using what you've got, and a create a grocery list and weekly plan around it.

Seamless Meal Planner is unlike any other meal planner because it fosters an appreciation for what you already have, grants peace, and helps your family better steward what you've been given. The design is clean and modern, with low-pressure prompts that give you the ability to plan as loosely or as intensely as you'd like.


This is your kitchen command center, your helpful dinnertime companion, and your weekly menu, all in one.

IMG_9274 copy.jpg



Seamless Meal Planner follows a unique, three-step process to guide you through creating a weekly meal plan.

1. Start with what you have

Seamless Meal Planner walks you, step-by-step, through an inventory-based process of building your weekly meal plan. You will use up what's already in your refrigerator first. This eliminates overwhelm at the thought of what to make for dinner by giving you a clear picture of where to start.

You will stop throwing away money with every ingredient that goes bad before it gets used. Planning this way can save hundreds of dollars every week.

2. Brainstorm how to use it

The brainstorm spread gives you space to work through meal ideas using your inventory. You can stretch your grocery budget to the absolute max by visualizing ways to use new ingredients more than once, saving time and money. 

3. Plan meals around your life (not the other way around)

Your meal plan is only as good as your ability to fit it into your life. By giving you space to schedule meals according your activities, Seamless Meal Planner allows you to stop hitting crisis mode at dinnertime. Healthy choices are possible, even on the busiest days, so you can rest assured that you won't be hitting the drive-thru or ordering pizza unless you've planned for it in advance.